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Spring 2020 Courses


ECON 315-0-20 Economic History of Israel O. Levintal
HEBREW 111-2-20 Hebrew I H.  Seltzer
HEBREW 121-2-20 Hebrew II H.  Seltzer
HISTORY 347-0-20 Christians and Jews IV D. Shyovitz
HISTORY 395-0-22 Holocaust Trials IV B. Frommer
HISTORY 393-0-20 The Blood Libel IV D. Shyovitz
HISTORY 393-0-25 (GNDR_ST 382-0-20) Gender, Race and the Holocaust IV S. Cushman
JWSH_ST 101-6-1 (First- year seminar) 1928: History and Memory of the First Arab-Israeli War S. Hirschhorn
JWSH_ST 278-0-1 Modern Hebrew Literature in Translation VI M. Moseley
JWSH_ST 280-4 (HISTORY 200-0-28) Culture and Leisure in 20th Century Israel/Palestine IV M. Hilel
JWSH_ST 390 (CIV_ENV 395-0-25) Water in Israel and the Middle East: Resilience, Sustainability, Security E. Rekhess & A. Packman
RELGION 220-0-20 Introducation to Hebrew Bible V B. Wimpfheimer
RELIGION 339-0-22 Kabbalah V B. Wimpfheimer
SESP 323-0-20 Holocaust Memory, Memorials, and Museums D.M. Cohen

 Spring 2020 course descriptions

Courses subject to change; please verify with CAESAR

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