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Winter 2020 Courses

Winter 2020

HEBREW 111-2-20 Hebrew I H.  Seltzer
HEBREW 121-2-20 Hebrew II H.  Seltzer
HISTORY 203-3-20 Jewish History III: 1789-1948 IV Y. Petrovsky-Shtern
HISTORY 349-0-20 History of the Holocaust IV B. Frommer
HISTORY 392-0-20 Origins of Zionism IV Y. Petrovsky-Shtern
HISTORY 392-0-22/395-0-22 Political Islam, Hamas and Islamic Jihad IV E. Rekhess
JWSH_ST 280-4-1 Modern Israel: History, Politics and Society, 1882-Present


S. Hirschhorn
JWSH_ST 280-4-2 Arabs and Jews in Palestine/The Land of Israel, 1880-1948 IV M. Hilel
RELIGION 230-0-20 Introduction to Judaism V B. Wimpfheimer
RELIGION 339-0-20 (LEGAL_ST 376-0-23) Law as Literature V B. Wimpfheimer
RELGION 339-0-21 (AMER_ST 310-0-3) American Judaism V C. Sufrin
SPANISH 397-0-20 (COMP_LIT 383-0-20) Jewish Argentina: From Jewish Gauchos to Contemporary Culture VI L. Kerr

Winter 2020 Course Descriptions

Courses subject to change; please verify with CAESAR

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