Zionist Ideal

The Zionist Ideal in Israeli Culture: Dream and Reality

November 17–19, 2013

Conference Rationale

Conference Program

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lutkin Hall

Opening Session: 4:00–5:30pm

(*Gathering at 3:45pm. Program begins promptly at 4:00pm.)

Barry Wimpfheimer, Northwestern University

Sarah Mangelsdorf, Dean WCAS, Northwestern University 

Introductory Remarks
Elie Rekhess, Northwestern University

Keynote Speaker
Yael Zerubavel, Rutgers University
Memory and Identity in Israeli Culture: Historical Reflections

Musical Performance
Introduction: Toni-Marie Montgomery, Dean of Bienen School of Music, Northwestern University

The Tel-Aviv MultiPiano Ensemble
Variations on Israel Contemporary Music

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hardin Hall

Session One: Music and Dance 9:00–12:00pm

Yossi Klein Halevi, Jewish Theological Seminary
Merging Jewish Piyutim into Israeli Rock Music: Meir Ariel as a Precursor

Assaf Shelleg, University of Virginia
Diluting the National Allegory: on the Agency of Jewish Musical Traditions in Israeli Art Music of the 1950s

Amy Horowitz, Indiana University
Sound Barriers and their Transgression: Mediterranean Israeli Music 1970s–1990s

Nina Spiegel, Portland State University
Performing Nationalism: The Development of Folk and Contemporary Dance in Israel

Session Two: Theater 1:00–3:00pm

Freddie Rokem, Tel-Aviv University
Representations of Violence on the Hebrew/Israeli Stage: Hanoch Levin and Bertolt Brecht

Adi Barak, University of Chicago
On War and Soldiers: The Israeli Ethos on Stage

Lee Perlman, America-Israel Cultural Foundation, Tel-Aviv University
Shared Space: Zionist and Palestinian Narratives in Israeli Theater Collaborations (2000-2010)

Session Three: Visual Arts 3:00–5:00pm

Carol Zemel, University of Toronto
Landscape and Territory in Israeli Art: Y. Bartana, S. Landau, M. Rovner

Dalia Manor, Negev Museum of Art, Ben Gurion University
First Person Plural: Israeli Artists between the Self and the Nation, 1950s-1980s

Elie Rekhess, Northwestern University
"Soldiers" by Adi Nes: Reconstructing the Model of Israeli Masculinity

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hardin Hall

Session Four: Literature and Poetry 9:00–12:00pm

Rachel Harris, University of Illinois
Rethinking Zionism: Changing Perspectives in Israel Fiction (B. Tammuz, A.B. Yehoshua, A. Hilu)

Eric Zakim, University of Maryland
The Reemergence of Israeli Poetry in the 21st Century

Hannan Hever, Yale University
Israeli Poetry and the Palestinian Nakba—An Overview

Yigal Schwartz, Ben Gurion University
The Hebrew Literature as a Melting Pot—The Case of Ashkenazi Narratives

Session Five: Cinema 1:00–3:00pm

Miri Talmon, Smith College, Nazareth Academic Institute
From Zionist Visions to Israeli Realities: The Cinematic Chronicles

Nitzan Ben Shaul, Tel-Aviv University
Siege Mentality Refractions in Israeli Cinema: A Historical Overview

Yaron Shemer, University of North Carolina
Time and Space in Mizrahi Cinema: The Limits of the Zionist Reach

Special Session: Interview 3:00–5:00pm

Dror Moreh, Director, The Gatekeepers

Interviewers: David Tolchinsky, Debra Tolchinsky, Northwestern University

Co-Sponsored by the Department of Radio, TV and Film, Northwestern University

Concert: 7:30–9:30PM

The Tel-Aviv MultiPiano Ensemble

Lutkin Hall, 700 University Place

Sponsored by the Henry and Leigh Bienen School of Music

Conference co-sponsored by the Israel Institute