Postdoctoral Fellows

Our Israel Studies Post-Docs are part of our Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.

Israel Postdoctoral Fellows for 2016-17

Yael Dekel (Ph.D, New York University, 2014) is a postdoctoral fellow at The Crown Family Center for Jewish and Israel Studies. She is interested in Israeli literature and specifically the way in which it takes part in the relationship among discourse, social norms, power dynamics, ideology and the State. Her teaching interests include: trauma studies, silence in literature, protest poetry, Palestinian and Israeli war literature. She is currently working on her first book, exploring the poetics of silence and the making of the national subject in the war fiction of S. Yizhar. Yael is also a translator and editor at the independent publishing house Ra'av.

Joseph Ringel (Ph.D, Brandeis University, 2011) will be arriving fall quarter 2016. Ringel specializes in the sociology of Judaism, and the political and cultural differences of various Jewish communities, with particular focus on the oft-marginalized Mizrahi and Sephardic communities.

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